AZ-104 Question

Let say I have 2 resource groups myrg1 and myrg2. I have a storage account mystg1 in resource group myrg1. I have applied read-only lock on storage account mystg1. Now will I be able to move this storage account from myrg1 to myrg2

To move a storage account from one resource group to another (in your case, from myrg1 to myrg2), you would first need to remove the read-only lock from the storage account.
Once the lock is removed, you can proceed with moving the storage account.

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No Sir, I have check it right now, If you have readonly lock at resource level like storage account in this case, you will be able to move the resources from one rg to another rg, but if you have applied the readonly lock at rg, you will not be able to move resources between rgs

That doesn’t make sense. I suppose what they are doing is locking any changes to the resource, not locking the state of the parent. So it would mean you could move a locked storage account between resource groups.