AZ-104 Course Video ends abruptly!

Hi KodeKloud, I had posted following message on Slack Azure Courses channel 20 days ago (on 10 Dec 2023). I notice that that channel is archived, thus posting it again over here.

@Kodekloud: I am in a middle of AZ-104 course. Under section “App Service”, the first video lecture is of 15:33 mins. The trainer is showing a demo about publishing App via Visual Studio, however video ends abruptly!! I wonder, why is it left incomplete ??

@Kodekloud: Any update ?

Hi @pratikmehta28 ,

Thanks for highlighting this. I have sent your concern to the concerned team.


Hi @Tej-Singh-Rana, since it has been a month, wanted to check if any update from concerned team! I wonder, how come nobody caught it ? Or was I the first to go through this course for this long !

Hi @pratikmehta28 ,

I got an update from the team: “The whole course is revamped as per the current exam curriculum.”

I believe the reported video has also been updated.

[Updated] AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator - KodeKloud


Thanks for the update @Tej-Singh-Rana