AWS ec2 instance creation

I have got the AWS username and password can you please guide me on how to create the ec2 instance and get the public IP4

Hi @dangersour123 ,
Please check this lecture (You don’t need to pay for this course).
Launching an Amazon EC2 Instance - KodeKloud

KodeKloud Support

Why does it always ask for VPC and subnet while launching ec2 it’s taking more time and in the video, it was default they didn’t create it manually. And when I tried launching an instance with us-west 2 it asked me to choose other one so I checked with us -west California and the instance was created but when I tried launching the terminal it says the connection timed out. please help even after watching the tutorial its not helping

Hi @dangersour123 ,
Region should be us-east-1.

please try it out again and let me know.