As expected, I successfully passed CKA. Thank you again @Mumshad Mannambeth for . . .

As expected, I successfully passed CKA. Thank you again @Mumshad Mannambeth for super excellent course. Just because of your courses, CKA and CKAD, I am certified in both. I am not just certified but confident to tackle any real world projects. :thumbsup:

Exam Experience and preparation:
• I passed CKAD 2 months ago.
• There is some overlap between 2 exams. I finished first 6 chapters pretty quick. However Networking and TLS Certificates were my weaknesses. I spent so many weeks to learn this concepts in and out. Made notes and remember everything.
• Did all the labs. Once while learning chapters followed by lab. Secondly, after all chapters are completed. I was super confident after these.
• Then I have practice exam 1-2-3. Scored 85% in first attempt. Only 1 question wrong just because i created resources in wrong namespace
• Lightning lab, finished 10 mins early with 100% . First attempt.
• IN EXAM - i did not have any Networking/TLS Certificate/Role/ClusterRole question. I was so surprised. Finished my 10 questions in first 30 mins. Another 14 questions were more like CKA exam with heavier weightage. Took me 60 mins to finish those. And At the end, I took 30 mins to verify few more questions where i had some doubts. I finished exam in 2 hours.
• So please note that, CKAD , Time is super valuable ( i had 10 mins left). CKA, you will have lot of time.
• Good luck and feel free to reach out to me.

Thank you Gaurav for sharing details and congratulations. Did you have prior experience with Kubernetes? How prep time do you think required for a person without any experience on K8s?

I did not . I wanted to learn instead of passing. I spent 2-2.5 months for each exam

Mumshad Mannambeth:
Congratulations @GVP!!! Way to go!