Approach for Validation of Task During Execution

Hi Team,

In recent time I got 2 tasks: “Banner task” & “Cron task” related with which I saw several failures, issues reported in community. Fortunately one (cron task) I was able to overcome & but another one (banner task) I was not able to achieve success even after going several posts, issues reported etc.
I feel most of these task you are suggesting to execute on all 3 app server or 3 app server & 1 db server so it would be great if the executed commands result can be evaluated at per server level & opportunity given to participant to correct in that particular session only so that he/she does more research & troubleshoot the issue.
Current setup is not allowing participant opportunity for experimentation, doing more trials, learning & correcting failures.
I hope others may be having same thought. Please add your thought.



Hi Pradip,

Thanks for your suggestions and feedback, we really appreciate that. We are trying to improve the overall experience as much as possible as per suggestions shared so far. We also made some improvements in scenarios where most of the participants faced issues either due to some missing/confusing information or due to some system issues.

Regarding Linux banner task there were some issues with validation initially but that are already fixed and whenever you get that task reassigned you can give that an another shot.

Further regarding performing and testing tasks on multiple servers we recommend you to test/validate your task for each server before clicking on Finish button as if task is not performed correctly on any one of the server it will mark the overall task as failed, however in error messages you can easily see which server was cause of failure.

I hope this information was helpful.


Thank you Inderpreet & KodeKloud team. I really appreciate all your effort. I totally understand the improvements will be brought slowly based on learning from various participants, their feedback etc. We will continue to provide feedback wherever we will feel there is opportunity to improve.


@pmpcert2013 @Inderpreet
Update the message of the day on all application and db servers for Nautilus . Make use of the approved template located at /root/nautilus_banner on jump host

What is the banner message that needs to be updated on application servers and db server? on viewing /root/nautilus_banner on jump host, I see.

Nautilus as the message. Should I add same message on all application servers and db server. Sorry din’t get the requirement for this question.

Could you please check and advise??
Eagerly waiting your response to get started with this task.


@rahulsoni @vijin.palazhi
Please check and advise.

Hi Swaroop,

Whatever is there in the approved template you need to use that exact banner for all server which are asked in the question. I hope that clarifies your doubt.


Yes, I am able to get the requirement.
After browsing few articles here at community. I understood, below command can do the task asked here.
sudo scp -r /root/nautilus_banner [email protected]:/etc/motd
I am getting permission denied error executing this script.
Any hint, where I am going wrong?

Please comment.

Please post your question in right thread.

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sure, I will take care of this going forward.