Apache Troubleshooting failed

i completed this task. All 3 app servers are working fine. I fixed all httpd issues. But it shows app3 is failed. Please check.

@kaustuva what is your KKE username ?

hello Inderpreet

my username is kaustuva and my mail id is [email protected]****s.in

@kaustuva seems like you played with Apache’s document root so even the service came up it was not service the correct website/content.

i didnt change any document root but i fixed many syntax issues…app01 and app02 are having one line content but app03 is having correct code which i found during curl.
I am working more than 8-10 years on Apache and i am pretty much sure that i fixed it correctly but test shows failed. Test report should pinpoint what was failing.

@kaustuva As per your answer, on stapp03 this is what your Apache document root is


But as per question point 2 clearly states that

Apache is running on <port-number> port on all Nautilus Application Servers and its document root must be /var/www/html on all app servers.

I hope it clears your doubt.

@Inderpreet please understand, i didn’t change it. Once again i ensure you that i fixed syntax issue only but DIDN’T change document root.

@kaustuva If you haven’t changed it to what was asked in the question then it also make it fail. Ultimately you need to make sure everything is configured as per requirements mentioned in the question. I think the document root was set incorrect intentionally so as per question you had to correct it.