Ansible - Not able to connect to the created VM

Hi Team,

I am going through the Ansible-Beginner Course. And I got stuck at the 3rd Topic itself. -“Demo: Setup Ansible Local Environment – Using VirtualBox”.

Here I have followed the instructions and performed all the steps still I am not able to do the ssh for the created virtual machine.

I have spent around 4 hours of time but no use still facing the same issue, I would request kindly provide the steps to resolve this issue.

I have followed the blogs but it didn’t work out.

Virtual Box version: 6.1

OS Version: CentOS-7.9-2009_VB-64bit

Error Screenshots:

Hello @shrav2004,
What’s the output of this command please ? nmcli connection show

Hi Team and @Ayman
please find the below result:

ping to google result

Request to provide the solution as soon as possible as I am not proceeding further.
Thank you.

Hello @shrav2004,
Please try this command nmcli connection up enp0s3 and check again, but please make sure that the network setting in VirtualBox is bridge