Ansible copy module

@Inderpreet @Ayman
I successfully copied the files to all the app servers. However, task is marked as failed with the below error.
ansible is not able to ping ‘App Server 1’ from Jump Host or something is incorrect in an inventory file on Jump Server

Inventory, Playbook, ping and successful copy of index files.


Most of the time, I see the queries in the community forum remains unanswered. So thought to reply as I did this task before.

Everything seems to be fine, except in your playbook i see you mentioned mode as ‘0755’.
Was that asked in the question? I too got this question and i didnt had the question to make the file mode as 0755. I did this task and was success for me without adding mode in my .yml file.

Hope the playbook was ran as “ansible-playbook -i inventory playbook.yml” without any additional arguments.


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One more thing. I think you’d need to setup file owner and group owner. Did the task ask something like this?

Most of the replies suggesting file owner/permissions, but my guess would be it’s that you put the IP instead of the hostname in the inventory file and that’s why it complains about the failed ping.

@ASAAC this seems like an old thread and possibly this issue was fixed. Could you share your KKE username so that we can check and marked this Pending or Success for you.

Yeah it is fixed long ago. The complaint is from @ramashish.sharma.