Ansible Basics modules lab


I’m currently working on the Ansible basics course on the and I see the module lab in the Ansible basics section is having issues.I see the Node provided to work on the modules lab does not have ansible installed so not able to go through any of the labs,anyone from the kodekloud team can take a look at it?


All the labs in the ansible basics course is broken,Please fix it

Hello @avinash.bitm,
Thanks for highlighting this to us.
We have reported that to the team and will try to resolve it on priority.
Appreciate your patience and apologies for the inconvenience caused.
For now, please try this command to install ansible
sudo yum install ansible

Hello @avinash.bitm,
Kindly feel free to post your issue and the lab URL, and we will check and update you ASAP.

To be honest all the labs of basic ansible course is having issues

Hi @avinash.bitm,
We are looking into it on high priority.


Hi @avinash.bitm,
This issue is fixed. Please give it a try and let us know.