Again failed ? what is going on?

According to question I have completed task but i don’t know why task is failed? I want to know how? is it technical issue or what? I fixed the rules permanently. :frowning:

?? @kodekloud-support3
Have a look into it.

Hi @Tej-Singh-Rana

Thanks for reporting this. I just reviewed your answer and found two issues majorly. First you were asked top block Apache port for all except LBR host but you blocked for all even for LBR host. Second on App Server 3 the steps you followed are

  • install iptables
  • Ran iptables command to add rule
  • Updated iptables configuration
  • Ran systemctl enable command with --now option

Now note that since you ran systemctl enable command at the end so it simply started the iptables service but didn’t save the iptables rules permanently. As per changes you make it iptables config either you must had to restart iptables service or you had to stop and then start it. Or you could directly use iptables save command.

I hope it clears your doubt.


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thanks for your valuable solutions sir. I think i made a mistake.