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Hello Mumshad and KodeKloud Team

Need to have Power access/access to AWS DevOPs services

I am a premium customer and joined for complete KodeKloud for a year after initially taking up few courses. I am very impressed. My aim is to have as much DevOps hands-on and pipeline expertise from KodeKloud resources as possible.
I recently started to dive deep into playgrounds. I found that the access is severely limited. For example I can not even use AWS CodeCommit because the access policies do not allow! How can then I practice further on CodeBuild and Pipeline? Similarly, Cloud9 access is not permitted. I am surprised since I have not used the AWS playground earlier. If the access is so limited, how do I use it to start on DevOps when I am stalled at step 1 (CodeCommit)?
Please help me.
Tell me how I can get power access on all DevOps services (CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CloudFormation, pipeline, etc. ) including IDE Cloud9. Without developing the entire DevOps pipeline, we can not judge the full value of KodeKloud playgrounds. This is frustrating, but I am sure your team can suggest some workaround or open up power access to users of a playground on all of the above and related services.

Warm regards,