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Thank you for the linux course. It seems like root password for bob’s laptop has not been provided or bob’s sudo password.

Please provide so we can do labs that require root access.

Thank you


Bob;s password should be provided accompanying the question or in the beginning of the lab wherever its needed.

Please use sudo at all times.

Thanks. The labs on “partition” requires root, but bob’s password is not provided. We are asked in one question to partition a /dev/vdd.

I think it will be a good idea to provide bob’s password in all labs. This way we have it handy in all labs.

Good course by the way.

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Thanks for the feedback!

I have updated the questions/labs now.

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Thank you very much Vijin. Any plans for advanced Linux courses? RHCSA and Linux+ certification courses will be nice.


Would it not make sense to begin to train the student, when they have made a PS1 change to their .profile file, to confirm their change without having to logout? Is there a way to refresh or source the .profile file without logging out so that the student can see any changes to the prompt? This would allow a student to validate their work while in the lab prior to clicking the “Check” button. Just wondering whether it makes sense to teach good validation skills early on as the student is learning. Thank you.

How much will it be for one time payment as I am not interested for subscription?

Hi @Ayman, I see in the videos, which is asking to go to reference materials for additional information (Ex: At runlevels video at around 2:06, it is asking to check in reference section) , but may I know where it is provided ?

yea , i am also not able to find it

hi @mmumshad can you please provide the ppt/slides for this course

@taankpraveen , we will forward the request on adding course resource to the production team. Meanwhile you can find notes here

Hello ,
When I try to run the lab , I’m getting this error :

The webpage at Kodekloud might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

Hello @vijin.palazhi

For the above task even if I am saving the name in resolv.cong file it still not giving me the correct ans. Have seen the hint and it seems the same that I have followed

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Thanks for the couse

Thanks for this course. Helpful

I have found labs and this is Amazing thing to practice what you have learned