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Hello, I was going through the videos about administrative certification and came across a question. you mentioned that their are 2 methods of installing kubeapi server 1. with kubeadm and 2. bootstrapping. But if I already have my cluster ready and wish to check the method of installation, what is the easiest way to find that.

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I am facing issues with the CKA labs. Its taking too long to load & it terminates, everything was working fine but from past 2 days i am facing the issue.

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Hi Team,

I have just started my CKA beginner course and my main goal is to get certified.

I just got a query

As we know that K8S is used for managing containers, so wanted to check whether the exam questions would be based on Docker containers only or we get questions on other container orchestration such as rkt and CRI-O? please advise

I have started CKA course and in middle of it .Its really an amazing explanation

Hi, I am not able to access kubernetes lab. Please help me out.