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GIT course is not available. When it is going to be updated?

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Within a month or so.

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In DNS topic, while explaining about /etc/nsswitch.conf referring about hosts entry…nothing is showing in video to understand it better . Please cross check.

can you please share YAML and JSON course slides?


Hi I am unable to login to mysql and mariadb databases due to permission deny

Hi @kavyalakshmi96
Please follow this: Deploying MySQL on Kubernetes {Guide} | phoenixNAP KB

Thank you.

I had a question regarding the configuration of software or applications as services. So, to create a service, we need to go to the path /etc/systemd/system/ and then create a file with a .service extension and enter all the relevant details inside the [Unit], [Service] and [Install] sections right?
While I was going through the lab, there were some questions wherein, a service called app was present in the path /usr/lib/systemd/system/app.service
This got me confused. Should the service be in /etc/systemd/service path or /usr/systemd/system path?

Hello @aquib92taxila
This question is already answered in man 7 file-hierarchy which comes with systemd (there is also [online version](file-hierarchy

           System-specific configuration.
            Vendor-supplied operating system resources. 
            Usually read-only, but this is not required. Possibly 
            shared between multiple hosts. This directory should not
            be modified by the administrator, except when installing 
            or removing vendor-supplied packages.

Basically, files that ships in packages downloaded from distribution repository go into /usr/lib/systemd/. Modifications done by system administrator (user) go into /etc/systemd/system/.

System-specific units override units supplied by vendors. Using drop-ins, you can override only specific parts of unit files, leaving the rest to vendor.

I must be plain here, Initially, the course was awesome, but when you reach Pipelines, the instructor there needs to change the way he goes about the videos. Don’t forget that people with no knowledge of IT are also expected to take the course. Now when building the CD pipeline, there is an error “Docker command not found.”. No help for the student to correct that.

try to use sudo command

Superb Experience The way is teaching really appreciable