A lab marathon feature and the ability to shorten the time provided for a lab

Hi guys,

I was thinking about two features that could really improve user experience, at least for me. And first of all, thank you really for the unique project that for me f.ex. plays crucial role in my job search endeavours. You’re great.

  1. Sometimes I miss this ability with the course to do all the labs like for refreshing the knowledge. F.ex. with Linux, it would be cool to open the course after you did it some time in the past and press something like ‘do all the labs’, and just do them one by one. I mean I could do it now by choosing every chapter then choosing a lab, but just like a feature it would be nice. With your approach where you give pretty much consistent practical experience, that’s a nice refresher of the knowledge that would work.

  2. The timing when now you give 50min, if you cut it in two, or in four, kinda like a ‘level’, that would be nice, I mean that f.ex. let’s say that normally I did the lab in the time you normally propose, next time when refreshing, it would be nice to do it in some ‘fast runner mode’ like 20 min instead of 50 f.ex. In case of your platform that would really reflect the skills of the person and give a nice push in terms of positive stress.


Hello @c410n,

Thank you for your informative feedback, I will forward this to the concerned team.