21% OFF on Kubernetes exam vouchers (valid till14 September 2021)

If you are planning for Kubernetes CKA / CKAD / CKS certifications this year, Linux Foundation is offering a big discount on their platform starting today for 21% OFF.

Now that we’ve released the CKS Course, you can get the certification voucher now AND be well prepared.

The offer is available until September 14th.

21% OFF on Kubernetes exam vouchers
1 FREE retake (2 attempts in total to clear the exam)
1 Year to prepare and deliver the exam
CKA http://kub.to/admin|kub.to/admin | CKAD http://kub.to/dev|kub.to/dev | CKS http://kub.to/sec|kub.to/sec
Please use the coupon code ‘SEPT21’ at checkout to avail the offer

Faizal Musthafa:
I got a new coupon from linux foundation itself for 50%
coupon code - CKATODAY
valid for 4 days i think

Dhatchanamoorthy Murugesan:
We need to buy from Linux foundation as voucher and later redeem it with cncf?

Javed Shaikh:
Not working for booking CKAD exam

Cinch App:
thanks for this. I just payed for the CKA exam bundle for half price