2022 - Guide on the tasks for System Admin and Devops Engineer

Sharing this guide I’ve compiled since I started on the Kodekloud Engineer program during the pandemic, up to now. I just started learning Linux last 2020 when i decided to just “do” it and join Kodekloud Engineer. A lot of the tasks I don’t fully understand and some I get to see and do for the first time.

I gained 25000 points and got promoted from System Admin to Devops Engineer. Along with this, I also got to switch jobs and throw myself into more automation stuff at my actual job.

Fast-forward to 2022, I got hired as a DevOps Consultant here in Singapore where I handle application deployments, Kubernetes, and AWS (heavily on AWS) on a daily basis. So yeah, Kodekloud Engineer indeed helped me a lot. I still feel like being thrown into deep waters from time to time with the immense tasks that I face at my actual work, but Kodekloud Engineer has really done superbly well on “acclimatizing” me to problems that seems too difficult at first glance but are actually solvable.

BTW, I was in Singapore when I heard that @mmumshad and Kodekloud team was appearing in one of the Cloud conferences in Marina. Unfortunately, I was not able to meet them because of work. Hopefully, next time when they come back to SG I could snap a photo with the awesome team!

Oh right, the guide. here it is!

PS, Tasks 1 to 56 are all in bash (.sh) format, but succeeding ones (from task 57) are now in markdown format which is easier to understand.

I didn’t know much about markdown back then, but I understood it a little better now, so all my docs are now managed in markdown format. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for sharing your notes, @Joseeden :+1: :grin:

Hi @Joseeden Thanks for sharing!

Looking for the NTP task but not seeing it. Did you name it something else or skip this one?
The task name is “Linux NTP Setup”.

@cjb Looks like that task is a new one because I didn’t encounter it yet. Maybe it was created just those year. Sorry. Hopefully you’ll be able to complete it. :smiley:

I guess “Apache Redirects” task was also created after this was made, don’t see it on there.