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The course you must go through before any DevOps or Cloud Courses

Those who are new to the Cloud and DevOps world, often find it difficult to start their journey as a result of missing basic pre-requisites. For example issues with setting up a basic lab environment using VirtualBox or issues with networking, or trouble with working with the Linux CLI or text editors like vi editor. Sometimes its issues with applications – like getting a sample application to work, trouble with getting the dependencies to install properly or trouble with getting a webserver to communicate with a database server. Or at other times its working with data formats like JSON or YAML.

So we have identified a gap and we believe that this is because of missing some of the basic pre-requisites such as knowing the basics of Linux, or the basics of tools like VirtualBox, or knowing the basics of the most commonly used applications like Java, Python or NodeJS or web servers like Apache, NGINX etc.

As a DevOps or Cloud Engineer it is important to have these basics cleared. And that’s why we built this course to bridge that gap. With this course anyone can kick start their DevOps or Cloud Journey. This is the course you must take before you start with any of the DevOps or Cloud courses out there. This course helps you get your basics right, so the rest of the journey is smooth.

What are the pre-requisites to attend this course?

  • There are no pre-requisites for this pre-requisites course
  • Good to have (Not Mandatory) a laptop to practice by yourself
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