Labs – Certified Kubernetes Administrator with Practice Tests

Have you been using KodeKloud Labs?
Somethings have changed.

We just migrated to a new website. If you have been accessing the KodeKloud labs earlier on the old website:

  1. Simply create a new account on this website (it is free)
  2. Remember to use the same email you used before to gain access to the same labs/courses.
  3. You can use 1-click social login (if your social account uses the same email)
  4. Get access to labs instantly after you finish signing up.
  5. Your progress from the previous labs is not migrated.
  6. Use the links given in the course to access labs. 

If you are accessing the KodeKloud labs for the first time: 

  1. Locate the lesson named "Accessing the labs" in the first section of your Udemy course
  2. Use the link and coupon code available in that lesson to enrol in this labs for free.
  3. At different stages of the course you will be given the link to access the respective labs on KodeKloud

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