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Taught by: Vijin Palazhi - Terraform Certified Professional, Training Architect

Prepare for the HashiCorp Terraform Associate Certification

Terraform is an orchestration tool that works with any cloud, whether private or public, and enables safe and convenient infrastructure as code for creation, administration, and enhancement.

Regardless of whether your servers are hosted by AWS, Cloudflare, Heroku, or another provider, Terraform can let you construct these resources in parallel across all of them.

The Terraform Associate certification is for Cloud Engineers specializing in operations, IT, or developers who know the basic concepts and skills associated with open source HashiCorp Terraform.

This course will help you get prepared for the Terraform Associate Certification exam.

Practice is Essential to Get Your Terraform Associate Certification

Lectures alone won’t help, in this course, you will learn from various demos shown in lectures and MCQ questions will help you practice.

You will be given the challenge to solve using the Terraform skills you have learned.

Our MCQs can be accessed right in your browser and we validate your work and give you feedback instantly.

 With tools like this, you will have the best chance of getting your Terraform Associate Certification.

Terraform Associate Certification course details:

In this course you will learn about :

  • Infrastructure As Code
  • Installing Terraform & HCL Basics
  • Create, Update and Destroy Infrastructure
  • Terraform Providers
  • Version Constraints
  • Variables
  • Resource Targeting
  • Data Sources
  • Terraform State
  • Remote State
  • Built-in Functions
  • Dynamic Blocks
  • Basic Terraform Commands
  • Terraform workspace
  • Terraform Modules
  • Terraform Cloud Introduction

… and more

What are the prerequisites to attend this course?

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About the instructor

Vijin Palazhi

Head of Technology at KodeKloud | HashiCorp and CNCF Trainer

Vijin is a training architect at KodeKloud. He is an Infrastructure Specialist with over 13 years of experience in IT Infrastructure with expertise in DevOps, Cloud, Systems Engineering, Architecture and Automation. Vijin loves to share his knowledge creatively, which keeps students motivated and focused on learning!

Robert (Bob) W
Robert (Bob) W
Senior Cloud Security Engineer at Travelers
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Since most folks in Travelers uses Terraform, thought the Thanksgiving holiday was a good time to get certified in it. In addition to working on it, took the KodeKloud training material for the exam (thank you Vijin Palazhi) which went a direction that I wasn't expecting with backend reviews, and Terraform Cloud/Enterprise.
Rohan Jadhav
Rohan Jadhav
DevOps at Skit.ai ( Previously Vernacular.ai )
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Just completed the Terraform for the Absolute Beginners course, It was such a wonderful course with plenty of labs to get hands-on experience. Thank you KodeKloud Vijin Palazhi Mumshad Mannambeth.
Sandy Yang
Sandy Yang
Engineer, Architecture, Devops Advocate, Cloud Practitioner
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... Thank you Mumshad Mannambeth and the team for your contribution to computer education. If all training programs were like yours, there won't be a movement called #womanintech....
Andrzej Kozlowski
Andrzej Kozlowski
Zurich, Switzerland
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Thanks KodeKloud for amazing Kodekloud Engineer site ! You are guys the future of IT education ! Special thanks for Mumshad Mannambeth for the best Kubernetes training and amazing KodeKloud labs.

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