No action from moderators after moderators saying action would be taken


So I have a handful of requests that I am waiting for moderators to action. Some of these are from over a month ago, and some where just on a month ago, and the latest one a week ago. What I have done so far is:

  • Raising a post on here and waiting for a reply.
  • Bumping the post after no one has replied.
  • Posting on other posts that were similar to mine and waiting for a reply.
  • After getting a reply and no action within a week, tagging the moderator in a post asking for help.
  • Directly messaging the moderators who said they would help me and giving them my account details, still no action.
  • Flagging posts/replies for moderator attention, still no action.

What am I meant to do to get a moderator to action a request that they said needs to be actioned?

Hello, blindcant
Maybe they are reviewing your issue if you got a message from them.

Maybe but 6 weeks of review time seems excessive.

Hello, blindcant
Sorry for the inconvenience tag them in your post. Might be due to heavy workloads.

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I have and still nothing, hence this post…

This requires really improvement. Alone was waiting ca a week for buggy puppet tasks and two missing tasks are pending from 11th of June. So far u have to remind them tagging daily and hope one day it will be fixed. I wish to have ticketing system when each request has a number so it is easy to be tracked.

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I am going to try the daily tagging and see how that goes. It feels like such a dirty way to get something done though :smiling_imp:

Do not tell me mate ! It is question of luck I see sometimes you asked for support and in a minute u get it, sometimes u have to wait few days or sometimes months :slight_smile:

What is the actual issue can you post here again? Maybe i can help if possible?