Big changes are coming to your KodeKloud account!
Here's what you should do next.

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  • We will be releasing a NEW KodeKloud website
  • Release is on July 16th 21:00 EST / July 17th 06:30 Indian time.
  • KodeKloud will be not accessible for approx. 1 hr during that time.
  • You can start using it right now at

How to access the new website?

To access, you need to sign-up for free below using the same email.

Please note:
  • Your old credentials won’t work.
  • Progress is not shared between the sites.
  • Payment details will not be migrated. But you’ll get premium access on the new website also as long your current subscription is active.
  • Our current website will be moved to

Questions? Need help? For full details click here.